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Big Data and Fast Data in Real Time

The X Platform™ combines in-memory computing with microservices architecture and next-generation transaction processing to supercharge your data for real-time intelligent transaction processing. Whether in Equity Trading, High Growth eCommerce, Fraud Detection or Ad Bidding, it makes the impossible possible. It makes it easy to capture, refine, store and intelligently process massive amounts of data at phenomenal speeds, at scale, and with total reliability.

The X Factors


Sometimes making something really, really simple can be the hardest thing to accomplish. But X manages to do just that. It takes care of all non-functional aspects of app building so that developers can focus solely on the business logic.


Until now, when it comes to big data, speed has always come at the expense of reliability, and vice versa. Not anymore. With X, you enjoy speed, agility, scalability and performancee on massive data sets without comprising on reliability.

Cost Effective

By eliminating complexity and making apps simple to author, deploy and manage, X Platform can reduce developmental costs by up to 60%. By using resources optimally, X also significantly saves on infrastructure costs.


X applications tuned for latency exhibit single to double digit microsecond level latencies. When tuned for throughput, X applications exhibit processing volumes in hundreds of thousands to millions of transactions per second.


X applications perform at the aforementioned extreme speeds without any data or message loss in the face of process, machine, network or data center failures. Recovery time on a process failure is in the order of milliseconds.


X applications use message routing and data gravity techniques to partition data into concurrent processing “swim lanes”. Partitioning is performed along a business metric allowing for the system to linearly scale as business demand grows.

Some Facts

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Equity Orders

Per second in under 10-microsecond client-market latency with zero loss.

Transaction History

Processed 10,000 times per second in under 50 milliseconds.

Retail Products

10,000 competitors, dynamic best price in under 1 millisecond.

Million Customers

10+ million offers 400k+ rates/sec, personalized pricing in under 1 millisecond.

The X Platform™

The industry is at an inflection point. Data is exploding, the velocity of information continues to increase and the time windows within which information can be leveraged continues to shrink. This is heralding one of the most significant shifts in computing in the past several decades, namely the merger of transactional and analytical processing in enterprises in the form of “intelligent transactional systems”. Gartner calls these systems HTAP systems while Forrester has labeled them as Translytics systems. Current enterprise technologies and system architectures do not enable the level of enterprise agility, processing speeds and the data and transaction volumes required to enable true intelligence and automated, in-the-moment decision making by such enterprise transactional systems. Enabling such intelligence in the midst of this explosion of data volumes and information velocity requires a shift in how enterprise data is managed, business logic is driven and transactions executed. The X Platform™ integrates in-memory data, fire-n-forget messaging and transactional compute in a manner that enables it to capture data from existing data stores and pipelines, supercharge the data through refinement, smart routing and function co-located storage and transactionally execute intelligent business logic on massive volumes of data at extreme speeds at scale.


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